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Let no waste be wasted

The Waste Journey

Collected household waste is taken to Veolia's Woodlawn Eco-precinct by rail and road.
Collected household waste is taken to Veolia's Woodlawn eco-precinct by rail and rood.
Garbage Container
Garbage Dump
The waste is loaded into a pit where a crane grapple loads the rotating drums.
Waste is combined with air and water in large rotating bio-drums to start degradation and prepare for separation.

Metals will be recycled

Inorganic materials and metals are separated for recycling and recovery.
The organic material is further refined and sent for composting.

Back to nature

Three months of aerated fermentation and maturation prepares the compost for use in remediation of an old open cut mine.
Any residual waste is transferred to the bioreactor landfill which produces methane gas that is converted into energy and waste heat.

Waste energy for homes

Energy is used to power over 10,000 homes. Waste heat is utilised for onsite aquaculture and horticulture.

Now more of your waste is being diverted from landfill.

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